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We offer a detailed and responsive investigations service for all types of workplace dispute. Our investigators have considerable experience of conducting investigations into whistleblowing, allegations of discrimination and employee fraud, and misconduct.

We can provide a complete outsourced investigation (at rapid notice) or assist with your own in-house investigation. Our investigators use a wide range of techniques and can provide surveillance and monitoring services within applicable law confines.

Our investigators are drawn from a range of disciplines, including ex Police Officers, military and insurance claims, and are led by senior lawyers with extensive experience of conducting investigations.

CLM is one of 42 law firms appointed to the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) Wider Public Sector Legal Services Panel (contract RM3788). We are one of the preferred suppliers for employment law to the government, covering England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. As such, we can assist a range of public sector organisations, including health, education and social housing bodies, and private sector businesses engaging with or supplying the public sector.

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Our services

Our services cover the following areas:

Corporate investigations: our workplace expertise helps identify fraud and corporate malpractice, including sickness absence, expenses, theft, misuse of time and resources, shadow businesses, misreporting and whistleblowing.

NHS investigations: we have years of experience in advising healthcare providers to provide fast and thorough investigations to help maintain quality patient care. Typically, our investigations in this area cover disciplinary and performance issues, grievances, bullying, dignity at work, as well as equality and diversity issues.

We have specialist expertise in investigations relating to the conduct of NHS clinicians with reference to the requirements of the MHPS.

HR investigations: our expertise typically covers investigations into allegations of unlawful discrimination, victimisation and harassment, all of which often involve complex and multiple complaints.

Whistleblowing: we provide key whistleblowing services to assist in this increasingly common method of uncovering fraud, breaches of regulations and other malpractices. Our confidential and fixed cost service addresses employee concerns and allows discreet reporting on an anonymous basis, including out-of-hoyurs. All data is securely held and can be tracked to provide regular reporting, helping you identify business areas of greatest risk.

Whatever the type of investigation you require, you can rely on CLM to offer a responsive, thorough, discreet service, that helps you resolve issues quickly. We will also advise you on changes to help prevent recurrence of the issue.

Next steps

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